Full Dentures

While only some people are a huge fan of the dentures they wear or may need to wear in the future, full dentures are an affordable and effective solution for missing teeth. You can have a full mouth of dentures if you lose both arches of teeth (upper and lower). Or, you may need dentures on the top row of your mouth or just the bottom row of your mouth.

Full dentures are not popular with everyone because they are often not fitted properly; however, when a Burkburnett restorative dentist like Dr. Kyle Clark fits your dentures, you can rest assured they will work properly, not hurt, and not cause sores. They will be as comfortable as dentures can be.

Dr. Clark and his team design your tooth replacements to support your bite and look more attractive than standard dentures. We don’t just create prosthetics to fill the spaces your natural teeth left vacant. We look at your appearance before tooth loss, work very hard to ensure your dental appliances are aesthetically appealing, and meticulously measure your bite to balance your jaw and face. This craftsmanship will help your dentures fit securely for many years.

Partial Dentures

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If your tooth loss is not so advanced as to require full dentures, then partials may be the perfect tooth replacement solution for you at Burkburnett Family Dental. Dr. Kyle Clark and his dental team have provided hundreds of people in and around Burkburnett with partial dentures, and this tooth replacement option is one of the most affordable ones available today.

Partial dentures (“flippers”) rest on a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth. Sometimes, Dr. Clark must place dental crowns on some of your natural teeth to anchor the new set of teeth. Sometimes, your flippers have clasps that help them adhere to your teeth for support. You may also have heard about partials called “snap-on” dentures.

These tooth replacements are artificial replacements that replace the missing teeth but are still supported by remaining teeth and surrounding tissues. You’d likely not qualify for partial prosthetics if you miss many teeth. Still, Dr. Clark won’t know what tooth replacement option is best for you until he performs a comprehensive evaluation and discusses your desired results.

While partials are usually removable, some can also be fixed or permanently attached; fixed partials are also called dental bridges.

Choosing the Right Dentures for You

When it comes to dental prostheses, one size does not fit all. Dr. Clark and his team at Burkburnett Family Dental offer personalized consultations to help you decide the best type of tooth replacement for your specific needs. Factors like your lifestyle, the condition of your remaining teeth, and your budget are all considered. Our aim is to provide you with dentures that restore your smile, confidence, and quality of life.

Denture Options: What You Need to Know

This may seem like a lot of information to digest at once, so we encourage you to contact Burkburnett Family Dental and talk to our skilled denture dentist and his team to learn more about these options. If you’re not thrilled about dentures or have had bad experiences, you may want to know more about dental implants—a tooth replacement procedure that will last a lifetime but is a bit more costly than these dental appliances.

Learn More About Your Teeth Replacement Options Today

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