Burkburnett Sedation Dentistry

Total Comfort for your Dental Care Needs

Here at Burkburnett Family Dentistry we are absolutely dedicated to your comfort, safety, and health. It’s why we have spent so much time and training to become certified to offer dental sedation to our patient family. We understand that all kinds of things can make going to the dentist difficult including:

  • Anxiety or dental fears.
  • Trouble sitting comfortably for extended periods of time.
  • Difficulty getting numb with Novocaine shots alone.
  • A strong gag reflex.
  • Sore jaw muscles.
  • Special needs or physical disabilities and pain.
  • The need for extended dental work.

We offer oral conscious sedation and other forms of sedation to help any of our patients relax and rest through any procedure.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation involves the prescription of a relaxing sedative which should be taken before your appointment for the best effect. You will feel drowsy, and may even doze during your procedure, but will be alert enough to answer questions or express any needs you may have. Because this drowsiness should begin before and last beyond your appointment, you will need to have a ride to and from your visit with us.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep your from getting the treatment you deserve.

See how Sedation Dentistry can help you today!