While we usually think of the cavity monster as visiting kids, tooth decay and dental cavities can strike anyone, young or old. And while the most common location for cavities to form is in your molars, they can also develop on your front teeth or at your gum line. Plus, it isn’t just overexposure to sweets or sugary drinks that causes cavities. Cavities are caused by the acids produced by bacteria. Frequent snacking or sipping – even on healthy foods – feeds those bacteria. This is especially true of things that cling to your teeth such as chewy or sticky foods and snacks. And when the food and bacterial build-up (plaque and tartar) is not cleared completely away because of poor oral hygiene habits, deep grooves, and fissures in teeth, or crooked and crowded areas that are hard to clean, the acid will cause permanent damage to your enamel. Other things such as smoking, acid reflux, eating disorders, dry mouth, and medications can also contribute to the formation of cavities without you even knowing it. That’s why we encourage frequent check-ups. Catching cavities before they become major saves your tooth and your budget! If we do discover cavities, we will prepare the damaged area and replace and reinforce the enamel with an attractive, tooth-colored composite. No one will ever know you had a cavity!