Preventative Dentistry in Burkburnett to Avoid Cavities

By seeing Dr. Kyle Clark twice yearly and practicing excellent oral hygiene at home, you may be able to prevent cavities from ever occurring, but when they do, tooth-colored composite fillings are safer, more discreet, and longer-lasting than the dental fillings of the past—when you only had one choice which was metal.

With advances in modern dentistry and innovations in dental technology, teeth can be filled with less discomfort and with safer materials than ever before. Let’s look at how restorative dentistry in Burkburnett with Dr. Kyle Clark will restore the health and function of your damaged tooth and its beauty.

Dental fillings are a perfect example of how restorative dentistry, general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry work together holistically to keep teeth healthy and stop tooth decay in its tracks.

Young and old are affected by cavities, and this damage does not only result from eating sweets and poor oral hygiene. However, as with any medical issue, the longer you wait to receive treatment, the more damaging the problem grows and the more expensive treatment becomes. That’s why Dr. Clark, a general dentist in Burkburnett, wants to see you twice yearly to ensure those cavities never develop, and if they do, he can treat them in their early stages.

Let’s take a look at some other causes of cavities.

Causes of Cavities—More Than Just Your Diet

man with healthy smile with tooth-colored dental fillingsCavities may not be related to your diet or oral hygiene. Smoking tobacco, acid reflux, certain medications, and some medical conditions may make you more prone to cavity development. Dr. Clark and his dental team pride themselves on providing their patients with the necessary education to understand why dental problems occur and how to prevent future issues.

No dentist will deny that your diet affects your susceptibility to cavities. Sugary foods, citrus, coffee, sticky foods, and even eating ice can lead to cavities.

Tooth-colored composite fillings are one of the best solutions to cavities, and no one will ever see these fillings because they’re not metal and not noticeable when you laugh, yawn, laugh, talk, or sing.

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings in Burkburnett

The most common type of amalgam-free filling material is resin composite, which comprises different materials. First introduced in the ’60s, these fillings have undergone several improvements and will eventually replace amalgam fillings altogether for most patients.

Burkburnett restorative dentist Dr. Kyle Clark at Burkburnett Family Dental will explain that composites are shaded to match the natural tooth color as closely as possible, making them virtually undetectable.

Placing composites requires more time and skill than amalgam fillings, but the extra time is well worth the result. Dr. Clark ensures the tooth’s surface is kept completely dry while it is etched, and the filling is built up in layers, treated one layer at a time.

One benefit of composite is that it bonds to the tooth structure; this offers extra support and means that no healthy tooth is lost while it is filled. If this sounds complicated, Dr. Clark and his team have a gift for explaining dental treatments to their patients, and with advanced dental technology, you can see Dr. Clark’s findings and treatment plan.

Nothing to Fear with Composite Fillings

You will feel more relaxed and comfortable knowing what will happen during your filling procedure, and you’ll be amazed at how healthy your filled tooth will be for many years when properly taken care of according to Dr. Clark’s instructions. Innovations allow us to provide to long-lasting, undetectable fillings that blend with your tooth.

Fillings can last 5-10 or even 15 years; however, everyone’s fillings have a different lifespan due to several factors. We do our part to ensure their longevity; you must do your part.

We use innovative dental technology to prepare your tooth for a composite filling. To clear away decay and prepare teeth for a filling, we use air abrasion to expedite treatment and eliminate the need for a dental drill or anesthesia. This is excellent news for people who fear the drill and have dental anxiety or phobia. Air abrasion cuts treatment time in half, provides practical and precise care, and eliminates the discomfort of being numb for hours from those delightful Novocain shots. No one likes slurring their words or drooling after their dental visit.

Learn More About Dental Fillings in Burkburnett

If you know you have a cavity, please call Burkburnett Family Dental (940) 569-4901 to schedule an appointment. You may also fill out our online contact form to schedule or ask questions. If you’re overdue for a general exam and cleaning, please let Dr. Clark evaluate your current situation and make recommendations to avoid costly treatment in the future.