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School’s Out for Summer, but Good Dental Hygiene is Always In

With summer in full swing, you’re probably preparing for a vacation, extra time with family and friends, daytime childcare, and everything else that goes with the summer months. Even with most of the country already seeing some extremely high summer temps, people are hitting the roads and airways to get to those summer fun [...]

Why Regular Check-ups Are Vital To Preventative Care

General dentistry focuses on preventative dental care. Dentists look for issues before they start. In fact, catching problems in the early stages stops things from getting too complicated down the road.  Plus, fixing issues with your teeth in the early stages ends up being less costly. That's because treatments are simple. After all, the [...]

Dental Problems in American Presidents

One topic that is not often covered in American history is the history of the president’s teeth. Since the invention of photographs and television, American presidents have cared more than ever what their smile looked like. Having a straight, white smile not only looks healthy, can help voters feel a better sense of trust [...]

Vitamins You Need for Good Oral Health

Making sure you and your family get enough of the right vitamins and minerals is an important part of helping your bodies stay healthy. Your oral health is no different. Kids and adults alike need to get the recommended amount of a variety of vitamins (and minerals!) in order to develop and keep strong [...]

5 Dental Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

There are plenty of places to get oral health advice -- our dental office in Burkburnett, friends or family members, and perhaps even the internet. But not all dental advice is created equal. In fact, there are several tips that we’ve heard that are just not true, some of which can actually be harmful [...]

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