How the Stress of COVID-19 Might Cause TMJ Pain

added on: April 23, 2020
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As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, the news doesn’t stop. Unfortunately, the pandemic is causing a lot more than a significant number of deaths, but also severe stress. More and more people are feeling the stress of COVID-19 in their daily life and experiencing the side effects of the stress. One of the side effects is frequent headaches or migraines and jaw pain. These are symptoms related to temporomandibular joint disorder which can present itself during stressful times. Learn more about TMJ and how Burkburnett Family Dental can relieve your symptoms.

Stress and TMJ Pain

Stress causes all sorts of health concerns like high blood pressure and TMJ. Whether you already have TMJ and never experienced symptoms or got treatment, COVID-19 may have caused your jaw joints to flare up. This was likely caused by unconsciously grinding or clenching your teeth either through the day, at night or both. Bruxism is a common habit caused by stress. Unfortunately, with enough teeth grinding or clenching, it can flare up your jaw joints. This can result in jaw pain, frequent headaches, pain in the neck or ears, and even damage your teeth. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s likely from TMJ.

Treating TMJ

If you believe you have TMJ, it’s important to schedule a visit with us to evaluate your mouth and jaw to determine if there TMJ is the cause. We will also evaluate your teeth to see if you’ve done any damage to your teeth from grinding and clenching. If this is the case, we may need to provide you with restorative dentistry treatments to help restore the structure of your teeth. We will also provide you with a nightguard to wear at night to protect your teeth from bruxism in addition to other treatments if necessary. The night guard will prevent your teeth from touching each other at night so you can’t grind them or clench them and put pressure on the jaw joints. Our goal is to prevent additional damage from occurring and to relieve the pressure on your jaw joints.

Until you can schedule an appointment to see us, try out some stress-relieving activities to calm your mind before bed. This can help you prevent yourself from clenching or grinding at night.

If the stress of COVID-19 is causing you jaw pain, please contact Burkburnett Family Dental for an appointment by calling 940-569-4901 today.

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