Gearing up For The Gridiron

added on: October 4, 2018

Burkburnett Bulldogs Football Team

Burkburnett Family Dental Fits The Bulldogs With Custom Mouthguards

Burkburnett, TX – Burkburnett Family Dental takes care of smiles on and off the football field, and this year they’re proud to provide custom-fitted mouthguards to the Burkburnett varsity football team. This is the second year the dental office has worked with the Bulldogs to help protect their teeth during their quest for a championship season on the heels of the unveiling of their new, state-of-the-art field house.

“My team loves working with this team of great kids,” said Dr. Dustin Van Tassell. “What could be better than keeping their smiles protected and going strong? They’re the future, and we want to help them stay safe and healthy while supporting our community.”

Why Are Custom Mouthguards So Important?

Any doctor will tell you that it’s crucial for athletes of all ages to wear the right protective gear, mouthguards included, no matter what sport your suiting up to play.  In 2014, the Academy of General Dentistry published finding from a study that revealed wearing traditional mouthguards that you purchase at any sporting goods store leave athletes twice as likely to suffer mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions.

The study worked with 412 high school football players from six teams. Three teams had custom-made mouthguards while the remaining three teams were allowed to wear any common, over-the-counter mouthguards. They all wore similar style helmets. Results showed that 8.3 percent of athletes using OTC protection had concussion/head injuries while only 3.6 percent of players using customized mouthguards suffered similar injuries.

“The benefits of custom mouthguards are essential to staying safe while playing sports. We can create a comfortable, affordable mouthguard from a special mold that perfectly fits your teeth for better performance,” said Van Tassell. “Mouthguards help protect athletes from jaw dislocation, fractured teeth, facial/mouth bruising, and stress to the neck. They also help you breathe and speak easily.”

Giving Smile Support in Style

Van Tassell likes working alongside the teens and coaches in Burkburnett to help them stay healthy so they can achieve both their academic and athletic goals. Students and parents tell him they feel more comfortable knowing there’s a mouthguard molded explicitly to their teeth for optimal protection and no slipping, gagging, or falling out. The best part? Van Tassell and team can create special mouthguards in a variety of colors that are branded with logos, nicknames, and player numbers for all community members at a reduced rate of just $20.