added on: April 23, 2020
stressed out middle aged man sitting at home working

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, the news doesn’t stop. Unfortunately, the pandemic is causing a lot more than a significant number of deaths, but also severe stress. More and more people are feeling the stress of COVID-19 in their daily life and experiencing the side effects of… Read More…

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added on: November 26, 2019
A portrait of a male and female stand back to back with their arms folded. Your TMJ Pain could be determined by your gender

The King Lab at the University of New England recently published research that showed how TMD pain affects genders differently. The lab focuses on finding new ways to treat TMJ by capturing a better understanding of the biological mechanisms that power it. Dr. Tamara King, an associate professor of physiology,… Read More…

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added on: January 10, 2019
woman with stress

Being stressed out is stressful enough, but knowing that constant or repeated high levels of stress can actually affect your health and make you sick certainly doesn’t help either. Too much stress can cause serious health issues throughout the body including heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and obesity. But the concerns… Read More…

added on: June 11, 2018
woman with headache

Over 39 million Americans, including both adults and children, are affected by chronic migraines, and currently there is no cure. In order to help educate the public on the reality of this painful condition, our Burkburnett dental office observes National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month every June. But why is… Read More…